Friday, May 8, 2009

finding the agency

i called the office of family and youth during my spring break, thinking i would use the time off to search for adoption agencies. they said they would send me a list of agencies in the mail that day. they are located around the corner from us in the same town and yet it took two weeks for that list to get there. so that was annoying. the list has about 15 agencies listed on it, and nothing to describe what kind of agency they are. so i start calling at random, starting with the ones that sound familiar. i had enough time to make 6 calls, i left three messages, one agency told me they work mainly in matching you to birth mothers and new borns, another agency told me they deal mainly with the phillipines. niether of these help us, we are looking for sibling brothers under the age of two and we want to start with domestic adoption. another agency apparently had its number changed to an unpublished number. yeah, cause that makes a whole lot of sense, having them listed on the the paper with the wrong number and all!

the one agency that deal with newborns directed me to, a website that is ill-coded and does not work.

this is already frustrating!


  1. Oh dear :-( I think the only people I know who adopted (Dave and Tara, and an Uncle of mine) have done so overseas. When my uncle did it it was because it was actually easier to adopt a girl from China than any child from the US. He ended up adopting two little girls, they are so sweet!

  2. have dave and tara finally adopted? i thought they were still hanging around in limbo