Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"save the tadpoles!"

I have created a couple of tadpole saviors, apparently. in yesterday's activities outside, a couple of students found tadpoles in puddles near the creak. when they asked if we could keep them, i told them no, we couldn't, they should put them into the creek. they told me they found them in a puddle, so i told them to put them in the creek anyhow because the puddle would dry up before the tadpoles grew legs to hop over to the pond and then they would die. so today one of my students, who i would not mind cloning so that i can have a kid just like him, tells me he and some friends are going to save some tadpoles after school. they were going to look for tadpoles in puddles to help over to the creek. i figure no harm done, if they dont die in the transfer, the tadpoles would have gotten eaten by something or just dried up in the sun when the puddle dried up, anyhow. plus, its awfully cute seeing them want to save some wildlife, no matter how simple the life form is.

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