Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"save the tadpoles!"

I have created a couple of tadpole saviors, apparently. in yesterday's activities outside, a couple of students found tadpoles in puddles near the creak. when they asked if we could keep them, i told them no, we couldn't, they should put them into the creek. they told me they found them in a puddle, so i told them to put them in the creek anyhow because the puddle would dry up before the tadpoles grew legs to hop over to the pond and then they would die. so today one of my students, who i would not mind cloning so that i can have a kid just like him, tells me he and some friends are going to save some tadpoles after school. they were going to look for tadpoles in puddles to help over to the creek. i figure no harm done, if they dont die in the transfer, the tadpoles would have gotten eaten by something or just dried up in the sun when the puddle dried up, anyhow. plus, its awfully cute seeing them want to save some wildlife, no matter how simple the life form is.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Field Labs!

Today I am taking my classes outside for a field lab. They are taking beakers for collecting a sample of water from the creek and some pH strips to test the water. It's really a simple exercise in getting them outside and "doing science" rather than hearing about it. I'm a fan of that kind of stuff. It's beautiful out, first period went well, they had fun, and I had fun watching them have fun looking for water to test. My next class is a freshmen class, so it's a little more nail-bitey, but I think it'll be fun. It's not the first time I am taking that class outside, though. They went out in the fall, doing a lab where we were looking for little ecosystems. That went well, so I expect to have no problems today. I do wish I had brought a camera today, though, I could get some good pics of the kids getting water samples. eh well, maybe I'll get something later with my camera phone.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i got hugged by a student yesterday :-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

starting a new blog, eh?

instead of grading the papers like i oughta, i decided to start a new blog. the things going on in my life right now mainly focus on starting our family and finding healthy veggie-versions of popular foods and recipes, so this is most likely what i'll be writing about from day to day.

this week i have been on spring break. i had planned on using the time to get the house better organized for preparation of the eventual home-study and bringing home of kids, as well as scoping out some adoption agencies. unfortunately, i spent the majority of my time sitting around car shops and got very little accomplished. i did, however, manage to get the study together. for the most part anyhow. there is still a pile of things in here for me to sort through, and a hallway full of things that need to go someplace else other than this room. most of them will get donated, some will go into the basement where it will sit until we decide its ok to donate them, i am sure.

this year's easter is going to be quiet. we arent going to see any family, so no need for a big dinner. i may, however, accompany Hubby Bear to meeting. we'll see. my catholic roots still make me feel like it isnt worth it if you're not getting all dressed up and it isnt somehow more special than the other sundays. i guess my pagan tendrils are partly responsible for that as well! i am, however, trying to think up a good veg easter feast, one that isnt mostly pasta, that is. and also one that does not require the majority of my day be spent in the kitchen. we'll see how that turns out for me! i saw something this morning on one of the morning shows, and Hubby comes down and says "that looks good, we should do that." it was a rub/marinade that they were working up, for a pork shoulder. everything they were doing sounded great, the spices and herbs and all... but what they were putting it on was an animal. so i am racking my brain, trying to think of a veg thing that we could put that same rub onto and not have it taste weird. perhaps i will consider a squash, hrmmm.... zuchinni perhaps? i love the journey of expanding your culinary possibilities!