Thursday, June 4, 2009

adoption/parenting classes

hubby bear sent in the adoptive parent application to the agency last week, so we are all set to start the classes this weekend. this saturday will be an 8 hour class (i think), next wednesday a couple of hours, another 8 hours the following saturday, and a few more hours the following wednesday eveening. so the next two saturdays and wednesdays, we are going to be in parenting classes. its a lot all at once, but i think i prefer to get things done more quickly, rather than dragging things out. i am not sure what to expect, with the exception of being overwhelmed with alot of info that will not make any sense until we are actually parents and the situations arise. i am sure that if they ask any "what if" questions, my answers are all going to be "i call the doctor!" isnt that what all new, nervous, first time mothers do, after all?

as for getting the house ready, we still need to finish finding new homes for stuff from the study, then we can start setting up a bedroom. i am taking things in stride now, i feel better, not so baby-crazed as i was before, since we are actually taking the steps necessary to get started.

as far as our finances go, well.... they arent that great, but it isnt that terrible either. its like a roller coaster. we go from "oh my god! we are doomed!" to "hey, look at that, a little extra money, we can pay someone something this week!" i put together a list of debts that need to be paid off, its about 9 people long before we get to things like the car loan and the mortgage. most of them are things that could be paid off with one check, if we have enough left over after a pay check. there are a few things that will require a payment schedule of some sort, but most of it is little stuff, its just a lot as a whole. but you know what? you can only do one thing at a time. it turns out that doing one thign at a time works really well when it comes to getting your money situation squared away. sometimes i freak out and think "my god! we cant have a family with this situation!" then i remind myself that when you are expecting a biological child through birth, you dont get to put off gestation until your savings account is favorable for it. you just kind of figure it out as you go. and we're pretty good at that.

plus, thats probably something that will come up in these classes.

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  1. I really wish they offered parenting classes when you have a baby. Because that is so overwhelming and frightening, and they just tell you, "use your family as support." But who actually does that? No one. So you make mistakes, and hopefully none of them are big (oh the stories I could tell), and by the time they are 18 you may possibly have the gist of being a parent.
    You guys will be fine money wise. Look at me, one income single mother who owns a house. I make do, you guys will be ok too. But I have very little debt outside of the house, no car payments or credit cards. But you find a way with kids. The funny thing is, once you have a kid, your entire view changes, I mean 180 degrees, and that changes how you spend your money.
    It's hard to explain, but you'll see. Being a parent changes everything.